Our Services

We provide unique solutions, coaching and company especially tailored to your needs in order to meet the challenges of growing your business. MARKET ENTRY STRATEGIES: if the target country is new terrain for your company - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: for growth and improvement, local or global - IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT: to realize ideas and turn them into action. We work flexibly in consulting from Germany or any other country in the world at the client’s location

Market Entry: Germany - Austria - Switzerland

The D-A-CH region offers one of the highest potentials for the additive manufacturing industry and is also one of the most difficult to enter. We support you in every step to expand your market.

Sales and Distribution

Go-to-market strategies, channel development, building a distributor/reseller network or defining the perfect direct sales strategy for your target market: from strategy to connecting with suitable sales partners, it's all about the best solution.

Marketing and PR

We help you find the perfect way to place your product with the target customer in mind. Online and offline marketing, events and exhibitions or the focus in the right verticals are just a few possible steps to build your brand in each country.

After Sales Management

Building a network or starting and growing your own service for your target market requires a lot of time and resources. dreiConsulting supports you by starting with the right strategy and getting to the definition of trainings, service levels and quality of maintenance and support.

Technology and Product Development

By supporting to define the right product specifications until alpha and beta-testing a new product we give our input for hardware and software and the ecosystem of the perfect product.

Implementation Support

The best strategy can't ensure success if you don’t have enough manpower. From the plan to the realization of actions to grow your business - we accompany you with every step on the way.

About us

About us

dreiConsulting is a B2B consulting firm founded 2016 in Germany. We specialize in supporting manufacturers and distributors of 3D printers, 3D scanners, respective materials and the whole product ecosystem to effectively develop their businesses. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs. With years of experience in the 3D printing industry, proven expertise and a global network of experts, we will provide solutions for your company to succeed in additive manufacturing.

The Founders

"Not only do we understand our clients but also the customers of our clients". Working with end customers in B2C, B2B, education, industry and also manufacturers for AM products for several years, Caecilie von Teichman and Benjamin Henkel built dreiConsulting as a firm to match their needs. With a strong background in engineering, distribution, services and compliance, they are using their expertise to manage global teams providing tailored solutions for the development of AM businesses.
Caecilie von Teichman
Caecilie von Teichman
Diplom Engineer - Consultant
Benjamin Henkel
Benjamin Henkel
State certified Engineer - Consultant

Our Clients

Our clients are coming from all fields of the international additive manufacturing industry with different main product focuses. Examples are manufacturers developing entry level products for the education sector, professional AM tools accessible for the prosumer and B2B customer or providers for equipment according to industrial standards for small series production and high-end prototyping.

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